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Monday, February 26, 2007

Ten: Living an Easy and Effective Life

YOUDIEHARD’s 10: Living an Easy & Effective Life.

People are always asking me, “How can we live life like you do?” They wanted to live happy and free from all the problems they had especially financial problems. I have thousands of suggestions but unfortunately, I have my problems of my own. I shrunk those suggestions into 10 ways.

These are steps. I arrange these from the lesser important to the most important but they are all important.

1st Step: #10. Frequently plan a happy and normal life. First, you must ensure that the person who is about to do this is not retarded (that’s you). Doubt yourself, you are not humiliating yourself when you do it, you are in fact helping yourself. Know what makes you happy. If what makes you happy can hurt or annoy other people, change it! You won’t be successful in this goal of achieving a happy life if that’s what makes you happy. If what you do is not usual to what others (who are already successful) are doing, then that means your life is a mess. If you like video games, if you like to waste your time in the mall with your friends, if you like to be in front of the television most of your time, then you really have bad habits. Throw all unnecessary habits into trash bin. I can assure you, there are other ways to satisfy your thirst for happiness and at the same time helping yourself to develop. Reading a good book is some of them. Change is normal; consider changing your way of life. Do not be afraid to write down notes on how you will make a happier week or month. Make plans to achieve your objective. This is easy and this is the first important part of becoming a person who lives his life easily and effectively. If you have managed to master this step, it will be easier for you to move on the next step because if you’re happy and confident to yourself it can make hard things easier. After this, you are a happy & “normal” person whom people will love to be with, to speak with, to share things with, and you will have sense of worth feeling like you just have taken a bath.

2nd Step: #9. Watch your health. How can you prosper if you are wasting all your money in the Hospital? Of course, you’ll say to me, “it’s ok if your expenses are for the better health” Moron! If you eat right, exercise right, and rest right you won’t be there in the first place. Hospitals can flush most of your money into toilet bowl, maybe not today but later. Discipline is the key for success but that’s not all about it, try reading books to know how you will do it right. Control yourself from temptations that are dangerous to your health. Start this by eating an apple a day and consider walking in the sidewalk from time to time. If you’re unhealthy, in that case you can’t help yourself to move to the next level.

3rd Step: #8. Always recover, adjust and improve. Always try to learn new skills. If you’re not doing anything, you can read a book or watch an interesting movie to relax. Select the right book or movie to watch. If you fall, stand up and learn from your mistakes. How many times do we have to say that “Learn from your mistake” before you’ll learn from it? Make sure that you are doing everything to improve your social skills, mental skills, your physical health, your spiritual health, etc. Your motto in life should be, “I should be better today than yesterday”.

4th Step: #7. Decide! When you decide, look into it in both eyes. It is what makes you, YOU. You will be judged according to what you do. So think hard before making decisions.

Learn to listen to what others are saying but ultimately, you have to decide for yourself. If you can’t make up your mind with one decision, even if you’re a hell of a genius you are nothing. If you read this but you don’t do anything, you are nothing.

5th Step: #6. Accept work as part of your life. Set fantasies aside, learn how you may enjoy making your life worthy to others. Put all the nonsense into trash bin. Value your money; don’t waste it for nonsense shit. Make yourself busy, but make sure that you know how to set a part of your time with your family. They always said, “Idleness invites evil” that’s true, listen to them. Even if you’re relaxing, you must still be busy like a bee. Accept the fact that work is a part of your daily life as if it was like food. You might not want it, but your body needs it. You work so you can earn, you earn so you can live. Make some savings. Invest in your future. Live in virtue. Put quality to your work. Love it. Sacrifice.

6th Step: #5. Believe in yourself but learn to listen to others. Don’t let them make you like them. Don’t trust anyone, but there are cases that you really need to put your trust to somebody as offer of friendship. Be a person with one word. If you want to influence, be a trustful person too. Let your promises be real. They said that there are only two types of people, the cool ones and the boring ones. There’s no such thing as “types“. People who think they are cool and others are not are idiots. If you’re in Tromso, it is considered cool to be a great snowboarder but that’s in Tromso. If you’re a snowboarder in Baghdad, that’s a different thing. They’ll rather see you holding an AK 47 than a snowboard in the desert. Don’t listen to the nerds as well. They think they are smart because they are very academic but they can’t play a guitar or satisfy women. You just have to be the best of who you are. KNOW YOURSELF. KNOW YOUR SURROUNDINGS. Learn to listen first before you seek for others to listen to you; it is for your own good, trust me. In the war, it was right when it was said that it was an advantage to know your enemy rather than he knows you. Try to think that everyone is your enemy, but commit to it that after you have conquered them, you will liberate them from their wrong doings—this time it is your turn to speak your mind. You can make their life better the way you did.

You must convince yourself that you can always do better. Believe that you can do everything challenging. Learn how to control your emotions. Know your problems and seek for solutions. Act now.

7th Step: #4. Set your Goals. Everything that you do should always have an objective and a purpose that will lead you into a greater and happy life. I mean everything! Maximize your use of your time doing something worthy. Life on earth is really short. It was like yesterday you are only 14 now you are 50, but if you spent your life well it is long enough. Commit yourself into something that will benefit you and the others as well. There are long-term goals and short-term goals. Prioritize the most important part of your goal. Write it in a notebook if you want to.

8th Step: #3. Face your fear. Always try to be successful. Dare! Risk is good but you have to be careful as well. Do not be afraid to express your personal thoughts or feelings but do it in a manner that it was well done and carefully prepared. Face your fear in the eye as if it was a Toro and you are the matador. Kill it before it kills you. You are a fearless killer of fears! Don’t ask, just do it. Everything that makes you scared or everything that is stopping you from doing what is right is fear. Remember that you are in the battlefield. Fear cannot do anything in the battlefield; it will only make your hands shake and it will paralyze your brain. Fear is a dirty drug. You can’t do anything with fear. It is normal to be afraid from time to time, but you must consider that people like your family depends on you. Fear is human. To be a real “Father” or “Mother” or “Brother” or “Sister” or “Son” or "Daughter" to your love ones, you must be a super human. Do not limit yourself. If you are afraid of doing what is right, you failed them. If you fail your family, you fail your country and you are a shame to humanity. You’re doing it for them not just for yourself and your fear is gone.

9th Step: #2. Don’t get involve in a battle if you are insufficiently ready. You are strong now. You are ready and fully equipped. You are willing to dive and swim in the sea of life. What is this sea of life? Waves are unpredictable and uncontrollable, and so as the happenings in our lives but men can always adjust and improve and be like a strong vessel if he wishes to. You are not afraid of anything, but try to analyze things first before doing something. Fight a winnable war. If you can’t win today, you can always win tomorrow but failure is unacceptable. Believe in yourself, but always remember that you are your closest ally but also your closest enemy. Don’t let your feelings overcome you. Be prepared, so that next time you can win. It’s not about glory or honor for yourself; it’s just all about improving your life for the benefit of others. Always remember your objective in here—to live easy and effective life.

10th Step: #1. Love your country. This is the most important ingredient. It doesn’t simply mean that you have to put Philippine flag in all your accessories or always eat Filipino food. It hits you directly if you don’t love your country. What compels the Ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Americans and the Israelis to become great? Aside from their Geographical location and History, they protect the interests of their nation as if it was their own family. Your country is the Land, the People, the Law and the History of it. If you have a religion—very well! It wouldn’t be hard to explain this. You pray in your churches, mosques, or temples in a solemn prayer and that’s good. It will be tragic to your end once you’ve forgotten what a solemn prayer is. It is at the same you might as well forget the meaning of the words like: important, priority, discipline, love, faith, trust, responsibility, human virtue, truth, justice and freedom. A person who forgets the meaning and the feeling of these words tends to be like those same people who break important promises and become irresponsible (useless to the society). If you don’t pray, spend some of your time alone and think about all of this with a clear mind. Religion is like agriculture, history is the witness. The survival of humanness of all humans depends on it. Your love for your country should be the same. You should practice self-giving. Offer yourself to everyone. Do you faithfully practice what your Religion instructs you? Be responsible; think that whatever you do to others is what you are doing for yourself because you are your deeds. Faith is a good thing. Faith to your country is a different thing. You are unconsciously pushing yourself into the path of slavery if you are selfish and you do not think of other people’s benefit. That’s what has been happening in this country. They only “pray” for their family and not for their country. Idiots! All your families are part of this country. If your God really listens to everyone, He will forget about you because many of those who are like you don’t care about you in their prayers because they don’t pray for their country. Many of our countrymen are paid slaves and that’s a fact already. Everything that happens to them happens to you because you have their seal; you are both Filipinos. Everyone is an expert and they all want to change this country in their own way. To achieve complete happiness, you must love your country the way it is. Try helping her, do whatever is necessary to assure that she will be alright. Do not disrespect the honor of your country. There are many things to hate about this country, and all of it happened because we hated her in the first place. If you have devoted yourself into her, she will love you back. I know somebody who claims that he hates this country and he is now in the states living the American Dream, but why did he still trying to connect himself to the people of this country? That is because he is incomplete and truly unhappy.


To sum it up, it’s all about enjoying and loving what you do best, thinking before you act or before you say something, being a good observant of things, and knowing what’s real and what’s not. Sometimes reality is so bizarre that it makes it hard to accept. Sometimes you don't want to break the tradition or a comfortable daily routine in your life even if you know that it contradicts to what is real. There’s a difference between REALITY and your version of REALITY. Even if you have all the strengths and powers of the universe, you will never see what the truth is, but you have to believe and you have to start seeking for it. That’s when you know if you are in the right path. Reality is this: If you don't love your country, you are building a sand castle. Whenever you achieve something good, don’t you ever congratulate yourself nor be proud when people are congratulating you or admiring you because that’s the moment when you want to stop improving. Learn from the artists who stop writing songs after their first hit.

Don’t let me hear you saying, “what if my family is not doing the same, still I can’t make my life better. Uutangan lang nila ako pag mayaman na ako at paproproblemahin na nila ako pag masaya na ako.” First of all, it’s not just about having money, it’s about being worthy to the society, being worthy to yourself, it’s about living your life in full. Do not worry! Worrying is for the weak. If you follow these steps faithfully, and you have it in mind 24 hours a day 7 days a week, then I’ll guarantee you that you don’t have to worry on those things. It will also help you solve that problem once you master it. Don’t start tomorrow, start now!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I just got this picture this morning. As you can see, the kid on the back had a gun! Those guns have metal pellets in them that really hurt. The little bastards shoot me in the leg and everyone else who tries to stop them. The children are rival gangsters of these streets in this province (I’m not gonna tell which); they are almost certainly 50 of them by number. They are most likely in the so called initial process of becoming the “real deal”. These rebellious-soon-to-be-drug-dealers children have wounded and injured at least 3 of their comrades including the one in the picture. That’s how this valentines day started, seeing some kid shot in the mouth by a 9 year old kid. In 2005, I almost died in the valentines bombing because I’m on my way to Ayala Ave. I was there when it happened and what can I say? It’s a real horror show. The terrorists are nothing but ignorant to me. Thanks for the support of Robin Padilla to the Abu Sayaff! What an Idiot! I was thinking… I wish the public will reconsider changing the official color of Valentines Day from Red to Green or Violet. Everyone is suddenly becoming more violent. For those who keep on asking me if I have a date this Valentines Day, my answer is—no. I have nobody to date. This chick that I like, we watched a movie TAEGUKGI (Korean Film) a few days ago and that’s it. It sounds like a shit to me but she said that I’m gonna love it. Most of the name of the characters have "Tae" in them. Shit is a common name for a Korean. It’s about the Reds (commie) and the Southern. I hate the communists. They are always saying that they are the “future¿”. All I say to them is that they don’t find any American in China or in North Korea hiding inside a box trying to catch his breath and trying to escape capitalism or you don't see anyone somebody hurting himself in a barbwire fence, desperately crossing the border towards the land of communists. Idiots. The movie is not a love story; it’s more like a story between two brothers (one is always crying like a girl and the other is a trying-hard-macho-tough-guy-but-still-a-typical-Korean-nerdy-and-corny-sentimental-type-of-guy). It was like an exaggerated Saving Ryan’s Private movie hahaha. Anyway, my point is that she told me that the Color Red symbolizes many things and that includes of course, the Valentines Day. She was trying to make a point to make me think about a date this coming February 14. No fucking way. I hate the TV. They are over-reporting stuff about Valentines once again and everybody seems to stick their eyes in it. Valentines here, valentines there, which actor is going to celebrate his valentines day, which actress is going to celebrate her valentines with, they show the motels, they show the flower shops, candy and chocolate bars; it’s almost predictable because that’s the same report last year and the years before that! If you have a little respect left to yourself, don’t make them persuade you what to do. You have your own brain; you don’t have to do what others are doing. Everyday is Valentines Day to me except of course--Valentines Day.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Quiz: Know if You're a Real Man

This is a real quiz. Para sa lahat ito! Kung babae ka isipin mo na lang ang sagot ng BF mo. You can start the quiz now!

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Nothing happens to any man that he is not formed by nature to bear.