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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

What do the cavemen have that we don’t?

Look Back

I want to discuss something, a bit of a thought that was bothering me throughout the entire month. I have realized how much I hate everything around me. Things that I know that wasn’t here before but now it’s here to keep annoying me. I know but you don’t know. That’s why I’m writing it for you to know. Why do I know and you don’t know? Because I’m sure that you are one of the annoying people who annoy other person no matter how. There is an old saying in Tagalog: “Ang sino mang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa patutunguhan” He who does not dare to look back from where he came from will never arrive at his destination. What's more fitted in our subject is the saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Throughout history, we have fixed so many things that make matters worse.

When I say “Fish” and “Strawberry”, what’s the first thing that comes out in your mind? I’ll tell you what, Grocery store, Fruit Shake, Sushi, Cake, Feeding the Dolphin, Candy, Canned Goods and everything that were associated with Fish and strawberry. I don’t think like you, perhaps in some other way. When I saw a real strawberry in a supermarket the first thing that I envision was a plant planted by a paid farmer to work in a soil where a wild plant that bears native flowers used to exist but now it was destroyed to be replaced by a strawberry because the public demand it. I imagine a manmade strawberry field whenever I think of a strawberry. It is stupid to say “I like it here coz I feel the nature” whenever you go to provinces to have a glimpse of some boring farm. It was just a manmade field of strawberries morons!

When you say “Fish”, the first thing that I think is the caveman. Not all cavemen or prehistoric men lived inside a cave (30,000 B.C and up). Some of them lived with their families in their own private and unpolluted white sand beaches. They can catch fresh fish from the sea and eat them on their own. There are no supermarkets back then. They carry 100% similar genes with us. It’s only their way of living that makes them different from us. They are already humans like Leonardo Da Vinci and Leonardo Di Caprio. I believe that some of them are capable of building huts. It will make you feel better if you catch a fish yourself than buying it from a supermarket and put it in the refrigerator then shout at your maid to cook you some dinner later on.

Sometimes I envy their way of life. I know that there are so many things that we have that they don’t, like medicines, doctors and hospital facilities but they are happy to die because they have lived their life in full. The modern man on the other hand doesn’t want to die early because he is selfish, he wanted to enjoy everything that he gathered all through his life or he hadn’t have enough because he lived his life working as a construction worker. Nobody wants to leave a world of comfort and also, you won’t leave a world unsatisfied. You are afraid to die because you’ve never lived.

Looking back father beyond..

Let’s remove all the bad things going on back then like they eat lizards, they force women to mate, they don’t have TV, mosquito nets, they don’t have toilets, etc.

These are the things what makes them different from the modern man.

> Everyone has a family. You live and you die with your grandfather and your grandsons, mother, your father’s friends, your grandfather’s friends, and you’re not ashamed to your friends being with your relatives because you’re a caveman (they can even see your balls). They also live with their love ones. There are no social classes and no nationalities. There are no countries only tribes of men. If you don’t like somebody among the group, you talk straight to him like a real man. You can’t make any excuses because you can’t send your messages through emails and you can’t call them on the phone. If a certain caveman from a certain family is an asshole you’re sure that he became an asshole because of his family. Now, you can’t simply say that because they might have been influenced by the TV or their classmates from school. Back on the caveman’s day, you teach your own son and all you do all day is hunt, hunt and hunt.

> Everywhere is their home. The World is yours. In their time, there are fewer territorial disputes than today. You can pee on someone else’s cave because they didn’t invent a system of writing back then. You can always replace your cave because that’s what you actually do, you constantly move from one area to another. Everyday is camping day.

Meet the Flintstones.

> Free from too many distraction. There are no Computer Games, movies and TV. People can really check out their moral values. Their Oprah is their own Mother. Mothers back then can really love their children because they know that once they got sick, they’ll die. They have better moral values than modern man because they have plenty of time to examine inward. They don’t always make fun of everything; they are more serious people when it comes to respecting other individuals in the group.

> Opportunity to be independent. The cavemen are no lazy people. They are used to use their feet. They are always migrating and exploring. How many times did you travel today? They are independent from machines. They can start a family right away because they mature at the age of 16. They have to look on their own food. They are not dependent on their language skills because they can live on their own.

> Free from too much lies. Have you ever been in a supermarket lately? Have you seen a commercial in the television today? I always bought things that say “50 pesos” but after I go home I’ll realize that I just bought 150 pesos. They can't hear and see all the bullshit that they are feeding you in the Television. There is no Showbiz news.

> Everything is Natural. You don’t have to eat processed food because you have no choice but to eat fish, meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables, roots, clams, prawns, etc. It is becoming more expensive nowadays to live the way a caveman lives.

> Freedom from other Men. There is no Tax to pay, citizens' requirements to this and that which requires payment and receipt, falling in line, obligation to marry somebody that you don't even love but you need it to survive and have children, filling up stupid forms, commuting, they don't have to drink in plastic bottles, people don’t pay their bills, and they don’t worry if their television is smaller than their neighbors because they don’t have TV. You can cross any borders you like. Aside from fearing an attack from Smilodons, you don’t feel any trouble being robbed in the streets. There are few people back then that’s why you don’t need to renew an I.D. coz your face is your I.D. Back then, few people want to control everything that you do. Right now, you have to look and act like the other folks to be accepted. You always have to consider the laws or rules that you didn't make. If you will listen and observe carefully, you’ll notice that everyone wants to be the controller of things. They want you to do this and that. They want you to buy this and that. You are completely lost...

> Simple Life. Simple things can make a caveman happy. Back then, if you hunt a rabbit and gave it to your kids and cooked them some eggs, they will show gratitude towards you. The modern man is different; they buy their kids the latest mobile phones to feel superior to other parents but their kids are spoiled and lazy. Man is becoming more and more materialistic and it is always getting worse as we speak.

> Almost Unlimited Resources. They usually have no worry about what they will eat or where they will sleep. We, the Modern People of the planet Earth, can afford to live a comfortable life in a comfortable home because we steal from nature. The birds in the trees, the grasshopper in the grass, the Lions in the Savanna, the Eagles in the sky, the frogs in the swamp, the bees in the hive, the squirrels in the cartoon network are homeless because WE HAVE COMFORTABLE HOMES until we have no other homes to destroy but the homes of our fellow homo sapiens that are now called –Homeless People.

> Magnificent view. They have the Best View Ever. They can see the stars because they are outside at night and not in front of their computer chatting with some stranger. They can easily differentiate the evening and the morning. If you think that you’ve seen trees, you’re wrong! You’ve seen dwarf trees but you haven’t seen centuries old trees. Back at the time of the caveman, they have trees everywhere that were as tall as hills and buildings! They can see the horizon. The human eye has evolved in a much improved form at a time when humans start walking straight because they can see wide open spaces of grasslands, mountaintops and deserts. Now in an urban area, you see nothing but walls, stupid MALLS, concrete buildings and simulated world like Video Games and Movies.

You call that a tree?

We have to look forward in the future as well. Progress is necessary to ensure the survival of our species. If men have managed to explore the vast continents around the globe during the exploration age, we hope that someday we can reach the stars to find a new suitable planet to populate, pollute, contaminate, poison, destroy before our Sun, the source of life in our solar system dies.

I have some videos/links for you to see. It’s about evolution of life on Earth; it is more cinematic than scientific. Some Scientists have different versions of their own. You still have to rely on books, but to keep you interested in this matter, start by clicking…

For those who keep on asking me, "if men came from monkeys, then why there's still monkeys around"... My answer to you is this: There are also people who were left behind like you in evolution who don't even know that scientist don't believe that men came from monkeys instead they consider the primates as relatives not ancestors. Idiots! Monkeys have ancestors of their own. Life on land came from the sea.

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