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The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who do not do anything about it. When good people in any country cease their vigilance and struggle, then evil men prevail.


"Non sibi sed suis"

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

McCoy’s Greatest Mistake: Kris Aquino

If Ferdinand Marcos didn’t declare Martial Law, if he didn’t killed thousands of political activists and hundreds of civilians, there’s no need for Ninoy to fight against him. It happened a long time ago and it should never be forgotten. Because of Ninoy Aquino’s heroic defiant of his' evil regime, we’re no longer slaves of Marcos’ tyranny. We know the story, President Marcos ordered the assassination of Benigno Aquino and because of that Ninoy became famous. They named the airport after him, they built monuments in his honor and they put him in the 500 peso bill. Unfortunately for us, his youngest daughter named Kris is a bitch. Her father was an icon, a hero and her mother a former President. It wasn’t hard for her to become famous too. She’s one or probably the most influential TV icon of our time. Everybody’s trying to be like her-- Getting involved in a relationship with the biggest Assholes in the whole Nation - Philip Salvador and Joey Marquez. She announced to the entire nation about her having STD. She had a retarded son because he tried to abort him by taking drugs but she fails. She’s getting married now, good for her.

Why did I say that she was McCoy’s Greatest Mistake? Because of her, people are beginning to think that she was right. She’s polluting the minds of the people who love to tune-in in her shows. From Generations of Ninoys suddenly the country was changed to Generations of Kris; Generations of irresponsible pricks. New Generations of people who thinks that Jericho Rosales, Christian Bautista, Sam Milby, Deither Ocampo and all the soft guys in Philippine showbiz are cool… and not pretending they’re tough. She’s making their life a big deal to us all.

You’re being watched from Batanes to Jolo, a farmer from Mindano don’t give a shit about your Liposuction…they don’t give a shit about your new fucked up boyfriend.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Movie CRASH is Racist

The movie CRASH is racist. Why did I say it was a racist movie? Because in that movie they teach people how to call Arab looking people “Osama”. After that movie, they have gained an idea how they will call their classmates, officemates, neighbors, “Osama”. Not all Moslems came from Saudi Arabia. Not all Moslems are terrorists. That movie hates Asian people. The chinese character in that movie is the evil one… he’s doing human trafficking. The twist of the story is that you will feel sorry for him after being hit by a car but in the end you’ll discover that he is a bad person. He’s trafficking asian people. The “redneck” character says that they are Cambodians or Thaïs… Cambodians who looked like Chinese. I don’t know why Hollywood hates Malay people. There are 350,000,000 of Malay race in the planet. I understand that there are Chinese, Hispanic looking Filipinos but the majority of the population in this country is of Malay race. Malay race don’t have Chinese eyes. The black people are always moaning about them being a victim of racism, and so as the Jews! At least you exist; the world knows that you exist… The malay race? Who are they? When you say Malay race the first thing that comes in your mind are the Malaysians. Why they didn’t call it Pinoy race instead? They really hate the Pinoys.

May Pilipino ba o Malaysian o Indonesian sa Movie na Matrix Trilogy? Does it mean these race will be extinct in the future? Sa Movie CRASH? Di ba ang dami ng Pilipino sa America? Nasaan sila dun?

Friday, September 01, 2006

Riding Inside the Oven Train

Everyone has their own horror story in Manila city. You've never tried this, riding in an Oven Train. Nasubukan nyo na bang sumakay sa Train na kasing init ng oven? Let's start in the beginning. Yesterday on my way to Manila City hall I decided to take the train. I'm not in a hurry I just want to take the train this time. Taxi Drivers makes me nuts. Di pinapapasok ang tao sa station kasi sira raw ang train sa Baclaran. Hindi naman lahat sa Baclaran pupunta di ba? May dumadaan na tren pero ayaw papasukin ang tao. Nasanay na kasi ang tao sa pagka-inutil ng Gobyerno kaya siguro sawa na silang magreklamo. Tingin ko takot lang silang magreklamo. They are always waiting for someone else to do it. Minimum fare is 12 pesos, try to imagine this, there are always at least 100 passengers in every LRT stations. Ano pa kaya kung rush hour? Maraming pumapasok na pera sa LRT pero walang quality at pumapalpak parati ang serbisyo nila. I-N-U-T-I-L. Bumababa ang tao para magjeep na lang, pansin mo ang takot ng iba dahil madilim sa ilalim ng station. Sumakay ako sa Jeep. May naka inscribe "Romans 12:21". Filipinos are supposed to be religious right? Was it just a sign for nothing? May nakasakay akong 5 teenagers 2 girls and 3 wussies. They are talking about that guy from La Salle with a shitty name, i think it's "Carlman". Cool daw ang dating, gwapo, mayaman, matalino, good role model and guess what? Yung 3 lalaki ang nagsabi nun. Di naman sila bading? Kung tunay na lalaki ka di ka magsasalita ng ganun tungkol sa kapwa mo lalaki di ba? It was really a horrific day for me. It's just one of the worst thing that can happen to you if you can't ride a train. Baka ma-holdup ka pa o manakawan. Pabalik I took the train. Sobrang init! Tinitiis ng tao ang ganun ka-init na tren? Mga inutil ba kayo? Hello? Libre lang ba byahe dun di kayo nagbabayad? Tip ko lang sa inyo sana matuto kayong magreklamo. So bumaba ako next station at sumakay na lang ng bago. May iba pa naman na may aircon at hindi super siksikan.

Ito ang pinagkaiba ng LRT 1 and LRT 2

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